League of Women Voters of Oregon’s Social Policy Coordinator, Jean Pierce, is seeking someone from our League who might serve on an ad hoc statewide K-12 Education Position task force. Here is her message:

I’ve discovered that  the Oregon League does not have a K-12 position which would permit us to take action on charter schools, a statewide minimum teacher salary, class size, collective bargaining, state assessments, career education, and other issues which are being  addressed by the legislature. So I am pulling together a group of League members who would be willing to help me examine K-12 education positions of other state Leagues to determine whether one  might be proposed for concurrence at the 2025 LWVOR Convention.

Proposed timeline:

  • Through January, 2024: helping to recruit volunteers
  • Feb. – Sept. 2024: info collection from local leagues, national research
  • Oct. – Jan. 2025: consolidating info into a report, including concurrence proposal
  • Feb. – June, 2025:If the Board approves the proposal, campaigning for  statewide concurrence at the June 2025 convention

I truly appreciate your help with identifying potential task force members.

 Jean Pierce


Direct your inquiries to Jean at [email protected] or to [email protected].

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