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The Board of the League of Women Voters is actively engaged in the governance, planning and programming for all members. If you have questions about leadership within the League, or maybe you have an interest yourself in volunteer service, we would love to hear from you!
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President Vacant 2023-2024
Coordinating Committee & 1st Vice President Annette Mills 2023-2025
2nd Vice President & Social Policy Karen Nibler 2022-2024
Co-Secretaries Nancy Rosenberger & Shelly Murphy 2021-2023
Treasurer Gretchen Dursch 2023-2025
Climate Change Claudia Keith & Nancy Rosenberger 2023-2025
Coordinating Committee & Membership Laura Evenson Lahm 2023-2025
Coordinating Committee & Governance Catherine Biscoe 2023-2025
Communications Heath Keirstead 2023-2025
Voter Services Jessica McDonald 2023-2025
Past President Connie Bozarth 2023-2024
Community Planning Katherine Bremser 2022-2024
Coordinating Committee & IT Elisabeth Anderson 2023-2025
Nominating Committee Vacant, Chair  
Nominating Committee Marsha Feldman  
Nominating Committee Janet Wolf-Eshe  
Fruit Sale Louise Marquering  
Newsletter Mailing Janet Wolf-Eshe  
Housing Karyle Butcher  
Diversity Susan Melero