Currently the Oregon League does not have a K-12 position which would permit us to take action on charter schools, a statewide minimum teacher salary, class size, collective bargaining, state assessments, career education, and other issues which are being addressed by the legislature.

Therefore, the LWV Oregon is currently seeking volunteers to be a part of a group of League members who would be willing to examine K-12 education positions of other state Leagues to determine whether one might be proposed for concurrence at the 2025 LWVOR Convention.

Proposed timeline:

  • Through January, 2024: Helping to recruit volunteers
  • Feb. โ€“ Sept. 2024: Info collection from local leagues, national research
  • Oct. โ€“ Jan. 2025: Consolidating info into a report, including concurrence proposal
  • Feb. โ€“ June, 2025: If the Board approves the proposal, campaigning for statewide concurrence at the June 2025 convention

If you are interested in joining this group, please complete the Contact Board form and let us know.

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