The League of Women Voters of Corvallis believes that child care programs are an essential component in providing access to equal employment opportunities. Affordable child care is an effective tool in combating poverty in both single-parent and two-parent families All children, including those with special needs, need quality care that will aid their growth and development. The League of Women Voters of Corvallis believes that parents have the primary responsibility to ensure that quality, affordable child care is available and accessible.

  1. There should be accepted standards, compiled and endorsed by child care authorities, and regular inspections of child care facilities.
  2. Child care providers should be adequately trained and paid.
  3. Day care subsidies should be available for lower-income families.
  4. Government should promote and fund programs which encourage family home providers to receive and maintain training.
  5. There should be a coordinated effort among parents/providers/employers/governmental agencies to maintain an up-to-date child care Resource and Referral Service.
  6. Employers should be encouraged to address child care issues in their policies and benefit packages.

(Adopted April 22, 1987)

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