We support comprehensive and integrated violence prevention and intervention programs that involve all sectors of the community.

We support efforts that are based on community experiences, grounded in informed theory, research, and evaluation, that help individuals learn effective problem-solving and social skills to avoid violence and strengthen pro-social values.

Specific services and programs we support include, but are not limited to:

  1. Efforts to educate individuals, organizations and institutions on all aspects of societal violence.
  2. Development and promotion of programs to foster physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals of all ages and groups, such as:
    • transition services for families in crisis
    • mentoring programs for children at risk of abuse, neglect, or abandonment
    • parenting, education, and mentoring programs for potential parents, parents and caregivers
    • peer support groups for parents of older children
    • training programs for staff, caregivers and volunteers
    • substance abuse programs for all age groups
  3. Programs for all age groups to learn critical pro-social skills and behaviors: effective problem-solving skills, communication skills, interpersonal relationship skills, anger management, conflict management, negotiation, and tolerance of opposing views and different social groups.
  4. The collection, analysis, and dissemination of accurate, comprehensive statistics on all incidents of violence.
  5. Efforts to counter and decrease the promotion and depiction of violence in all areas of society.
  6. Education about responsible firearm ownership and enactment and enforcement of laws and regulations to reduce illegal gun possession and juvenile access to firearms.
  7. Continuous and rigorous evaluation of community efforts and programs to learn what works in reducing the level of violence in our community. (Adopted 1996)
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