League Members are invited to the Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, 2945 NW Circle Boulevard, for this event. We will begin at 6 PM.

Enjoy soup, bread, and dessert prepared by League Board Members. Please bring your own bowl, plate, cup and spoon so we can be trash free.

Discuss National Program Positions and make recommendations to keep or change them. Is a new study needed? These recommendations will be sent to the League of Women Voters of the U.S.

Are League’s Local Positions adequate and up-to-date? Are we missing positions on important issues?  What should be emphasized in the coming year?  Suggestions made at this meeting will be voted on in May at the Annual Meeting of the League of Women Voters of Corvallis.

Access to National and Local Program Positions can be found by clicking “About League” and “Where We Stand” on this website.

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