League Voter Service Forum Presenting Pro and Con Arguments on Measure 101
7 PM
Corvallis-Benton County Public Library
645 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis

Healthcare Provider Assessments to Fund Medicaid and Stabilize Individual Insurance Premiums


Cedric Hayden, recommending a no vote, Oregon State Representative, District 7 and Petitioner to Refer the Measure to the Voters

Janet Bauer, recommending a yes vote, Policy Analyst covering Healthcare for the Oregon Center for Public Policy

Sara Gelser, recommending a yes vote, State Senator representing Corvallis and Albany

Moderator: Tony Van Vliet, former Oregon State Representative from Corvallis

Please join the League of Women Voters of Corvallis and the Corvallis-Benton County Library for an election forum on Ballet Measure 101. The special election date is on January 23rd. It is a Veto Referendum to repeal parts of the bill (HB2391) passed by the 2017 Legislature to provide funding for health care for low-income Oregonians, through a temporary assessment on insurers and some hospitals.

  •   A YES vote retains the funding and the federal matching funds.
  •   A NO vote removes the funding provisions in the bill.There will be plenty of time for audience questions. Mark your calendar and attend to learn more about this important issue before you cast your ballot. For more information on the measure see the League of Women Voters of Oregon guide at:


Measure 101 is a referendum. The 2017 Oregon Legislature enacted this statute, and it was referred to the voters by means of an initiative. A “yes” vote means that you approve. Voting “no” means it will not go into effect.

The Official Ballot Title reads: “Approves temporary assessments to fund health care for low-income individuals and families, and to stabilize health insurance premiums. temporary assessments on insurance companies, some hospitals, and other providers of insurance or health care coverage. Insurers may not increase rates on health insurance premiums by more than 1.5 percent as a result of these assessments.”



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