Tuesday, January 10th, 6 – 8:30 pm.
Unitarian Universal Fellowship
2945 NW Circle Blvd.

Delicious soups, bread and desserts provided by your Board.
Bring a bowl, plate, cup and utensils for a waste-free meal.

This gathering for League members is your opportunity to set the coming year’s program. It’s League’s basis for education and action in the coming year.

Prepare for the evening’s planning: Read the program planning information and summaries of state and local League positions in the January Newsletter. Complete positions may be found under  About Us “Where We Stand” on this website.

Reflect on community issues that would benefit from our study or action. What new studies or directions at state and local League levels might address these issues? What practical considerations might be involved?

Introduce League – Bring a Friend! Our program planning meeting and Soup Social is a great time to introduce people to the League of Women Voters. Good food and discussions of next year’s state and local League activities, goals and committees might attract them to join – each new member strengthens League’s voice!

Come and add your voice to League’s decision-making process!

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