Come to discuss the proposed housing position at one of the following meetings: • Thursday, March19, 4:30-5:30 pm at Old World Deli, 341 SW Second St. –or • Monday, March 25, 4:00-5:00 pm at Benton Habitat ReStore Building, 4840 Philomath Blvd.


  1. The LWV believes that local government should exercise leadership in promoting partnerships between public and private entities to establish shelter for homeless families, emergency shelter for single women and men and low-income housing
  2. The city and county should do such things as include funds for emergency shelter in their regular budgets. They should apply for any federal and state funds available for this purpose. Successful shelter programs in other parts of the country should be explored.
  3. Emergency shelter should be available year round in our community for both women and men. Volunteer organizations should be given support for their efforts to meet this need through city and county leadership and some allocation of dollars to help stabilize private programs.
  4. The city and county should aggressively support the development of low income housing units. Every effort should be made to secure funds from state and federal sources to expand the supply of low rent units either by new construction or renovation of existing housing stocks. Contributing land, addressing zoning barriers, adjusting transit routes and working closely with the community are ways in which government can aid in creating more low-income housing.

Proposed Position

LWVC believes the goal of equity should drive our housing policies in Benton County and Corvallis. There is a housing crisis with an inadequate housing supply, expensive homes and high rent burden.  For many, there is no way to attain housing. Our housing policies need to provide equity by creating housing opportunities that are available to all, regardless of economic status.  Inclusion of all people is needed for a vibrant community. The League of Women Voters of Corvallis believes that city and county governments should:

  1. Promote housing for all: a. Make zoning and code changes that allow less expensive housing b. Improve ease of permitting through code clean-up and staff organization c. Expedite and coordinate development of land use plans d. Increase density e. Develop less expensive annexation processes f. Provide adequate transit routes
  2. Aggressively support development of low-income housing: a. Secure funds from state and federal sources b. Do parcel assembly and banking of developed lands dedicated to low-income housing c. Reduce or eliminate zoning barriers, delays and development costs, such as system development charges d. Work closely with community partners
  3. Support year-round shelter for the homeless: a. Partner with public and private entities b. Include shelter funds in their regular budgets c. Apply for state and federal funds available for shelters d. Explore development of publicly owned shelters
  4. Support and prioritize funding for volunteer organizations in their efforts to meet housing needs for all.


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