Adopted 2010

The League of Women Voters of Corvallis’ Local Food position applies not only to governments but to all sectors of the community.

The League:

  1.  Believes that all community members should have access to safe, local, nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food.
  2. Supports convenient access to grocery stores, food service businesses, food banks and soup kitchens within communities.
  3. Encourages local laws and land use plans that include preservation of space for food production, i.e. farmland, community gardens on public land and in future private developments in the city and county.
  4. Encourages local agricultural businesses in food production, storage, distribution and processing facilities that are sustainable and support a viable food system.
  5. Supports sustainable farm practices including conservation of water and energy.
  6. Believes local agencies should be responsible for enforcement of food safety and disease prevention.
  7. Encourages local agencies and schools to teach people of all ages the skills and knowledge essential to food production, safe preparation and preservation, and the importance of food choices on health.
  8. Encourages local agencies, schools and businesses to purchase and serve locally grown food.
  9. Recommends collaboration and coordination by local food groups in support of local food policies.


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