State Land Board Awards Honor Exceptional Projects, Partners

Department of State Lands Media Contact: Ali Ryan Hansen, 503-510-6860, [email protected]

(Excerpt from State Land Board press release 10-10-23, shared via LWV Oregon All-Members Newsletter email on November 1, 2023)

SALEM, Ore. – The State Land Board today honored five projects and partners for their exceptional contributions to thriving Oregon waterways, wetlands, and lands.

“While their contributions are unique from one another, these five projects have a common thread: leading the way for others,” said Governor Tina Kotek, who presented the awards with State Treasurer Tobias Read.

Since the State Land Board Awards were established in 2004, the Land Board has presented more than 40 awards, recognizing extraordinary efforts in every region of Oregon.

Catalyst Award – Peggy Lynch, League of Women Voters of Oregon [Peggy Lynch is a member of LWV Corvallis.]

As a champion for public participation in government, Peggy Lynch has been making a difference in Oregon – and helping other people make a difference in Oregon – for decades.

Washington County’s first community plan came together at the Lynch dining room table, with information she and other community members gathered by walking their neighborhoods. She volunteered on the committee that helped create Metro regional government, and engaged with others as Oregon’s land use program was expanded beyond the first 10 goals.

“The public can make a difference,” Lynch said. “I experienced my friends and neighbors making a difference in developing good policy. Which is why I continue to do what I do.” As a 30-year League of Women Voters of Oregon volunteer, she has continually encouraged awareness of the State Land Board and Department of State Lands’ contributions to natural resources and school funding.

“The Catalyst Award recognizes people who bring change,” said DSL Director Vicki L. Walker. “Peggy has inspired her neighbors, and the public agencies who serve her neighbors and all Oregonians, to work together.”

Lynch is quick to credit those she’s worked with, like her LWVOR mentor Liz Frenkel, and the importance of sharing experience and information through mentorship and partnership.

Most important for getting involved, Lynch said: Focus on what you care about most. Do what you can and feel good about it. Share opportunities and information. Find the people who care about the same things as you do, and work together.

Everything helps, she said, “as long as you make a place a better place for others. I have family, friends and neighbors all over the state, and it’s really important to make sure decisions are good for all Oregonians.”

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