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Last month, I gave a high overview of the City of Corvallis Strategic Operational Plan (SOP). This month, let’s dive into some of the details.

City Staff is starting to update the SOP for FY 2024-2025. City Council will review the draft in October and November. The final document will be adopted in January 2024 and used to develop the city’s 2024-25 budget, which will be adopted by the end of June 2024.

We can get some idea of what may be included by looking at the current SOP because it covers FY 2024 to 2028. Some of the activities for FY 2025 include:

  • S-1A, Develop and implement a management plan for the Mary’s River Natural Area
  • S-1K, Update the Urban Forest Management Plan
  • S-8O, Purchase two electric buses for Corvallis Mass Transit
  • P-1G, Update the Wastewater Master Plan
  • P-1R, Achieve a “shovel-ready” status for expansion of the Corvallis Public Library
  • P-5O, Evaluate streetlight standard specifications for new construction

The SOP also references the city’s Capitol Improvement Program, FY 2024-2028. Again, we can identify possible projects listed for FY 2024-2025. They include:

  • Water, stormwater and wastewater pipe replacement, street reconstruction and resurfacing for Division St.
  • Construction of a pedestrian crossing on 9th St. somewhere between Buchanan and Grant
  • Retrofit selected traffic signals to improve safety, including Circle and Kings, Western and 35th, and Harrison and 9th

SOP: ElectronicFile.aspx (corvallisoregon.gov)

CIP: ElectronicFile.aspx (corvallisoregon.gov)

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