by Katherine Bremser, Community Planning Committee
Imagine Corvallis 2040 includes these two values for biking in our community:

  • Corvallis supports a reliable, safe, and connected community through well-planned, maintained, and sustainable infrastructure, including streets and bridges, pedestrian and bicycle networks…
  • Corvallis has a high quality and heavily-utilized regional public transit system, and supports alternative forms of transportation including bicycle and pedestrian options.

The city has several documents that move the vision into reality. The Transportation System Management Plan visualizes a city-wide low stress neighborhood bicycle network that connects major streets with well-marked bicycle lanes, neighborhood bikeways, multi-purpose paths, and bridges to enable a cyclist to travel safely throughout the community. It describes the current situation for pedestrian, cycle, and multi-modal transportation and identifies specific projects needed to achieve the vision.

The Corvallis Active Transportation Toolkit gives a menu of design options, and the City of Corvallis Neighborhood Bikeway Design Guidelines and Best Practices establishes design standards for the construction of the bikeway.

Driven by the priorities and costs, specific projects go into the Capital Improvement Plan, the city’s Strategic Operational Plan, and the city’s  Annual Budget for implementation in a specific fiscal year. These documents are updated annually. Citizens can comment on their content at City Council meetings and Budget Commission meetings. The city’s Strategic Operational Plan website has an ongoing form to make suggestions. In addition, in 2022 the city’s Public Works Department created a Multi-Modal Operational Advisory Committee to advise them on specific multi-modal transportation-related issues.

For more information, visit the Active Transportation webpage, the Neighborhood Bikeway webpage, and the Mid-Valley Bike Club website.

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