Public Post-Secondary Education in Oregon
Tuesday, February 14th, 7 PM
Corvallis-Benton County Public Library
645 NW Monroe Avenue
Co-sponsored by the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library

Post-Secondary education in Oregon faces numerous problems. Three-quarters of the fastest- growing occupations require education and training beyond a high school diploma, yet nearly half the students who begin college in this country don’t finish within six years. In addition, tuition continues to rise, putting college out of reach for the very families who need it most to join the middle class.

Oregon faces the challenge of making our higher education institutions the best possible at reasonable cost and with maximum diversity. The level of state support will reflect the commitment of Oregonians to move forward towards goals of a better-educated population.

What solutions can the League of Women Voters of Oregon advocate for to help solve this dilemma? Be a part of the discussion on February 14th and consensus meetings on February 16th and help formulate a new Post-Secondary Education position for League. You should have received background material from LWV of Oregon (call Paula Krane if you haven’t), or see it on the web at: Summary.pdf and FINAL.pdf.

Committee: Cathy Frischman, Carolyn Gardner, Bouquet Harger, Jeff Hess, Sara Ingle, Paula Krane (Chair), JoAnne Trow

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