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Step up to work at the State level!! LWVOR announces two open positions: 

Voter Services (VS) Chair (vacant) focuses solely on a given election cycle.  The VS Chair job has been reorganized to move some duties into two lead roles reporting to the VS Chair:

– Vote411/Voters’ Guide (V411/VG) Lead (vacant), and

– State Ballot Measures Research (SBMR) Lead – Peggy Bengry will continue in this role.

The sooner we identify candidate volunteers and two are appointed by LWVOR Board, the more time each appointee has to prepare. Past VS Chair, Peggy Bengry will help both the new Chair and Lead come up to speed before fall of next year. 

We have three documents to aide interested parties learn more detail about the two positions:

  1. The overall election scheduling: VS Master Schedule 231002.excl
  2. The VS Chair position description: VS Pos Desc 231002.doc (also has a PDF version)
  3. All other related roles & responsibilities: VS Roles Responsibilities 231002.excl

The documents are on LWVOR google docs, Board Materials, VS Folder: Voter Service – Google Drive

If you are at all interested or have questions, please, do call Susan Cobb, 541-400-8312.

Thank you!

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