Our Lives on the Web: Equity, Discourse and Propaganda Workshop will be held from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM at Lane Community College, Center for Meeting and Learning 4000 E. 30th St, Building 19 Eugene, OR 97405 10 – 11:15 – Morning workshops (choose one) Voter Service with Betsy Pratt and Rebecca Gladstone 2020 will be so important for Oregon elections! Join us to learn about what we have planned and receive updated resources for voter outreach. Redistricting Petition with Candalynn Johnson Learn how you can help establish an independent redistricting commission in Oregon. The petition gathering process begins soon. 11:30-1:30 – Luncheon Speaker Dr. Erik Girvan: “Understanding Implicit Bias” Dr. Girvan, Associate Professor of Law at University of Oregon, will speak on how stereotypes, attitudes, and other biases might impact decisions in the legal system and related contexts. 1:45 – 3:00 –Guest Speaker Donna Cohen: “Fake News, Political Propaganda”  Are you overwhelmed with messages from politicians, news sources and other media? Distinguish truth from fiction using real-world examples of political ads, news headlines, logical fallacies, graphs, the effect of word choice in messaging, statistical data and other information. Register at http://lwvor.org/fall-workshop-2019/

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