The League of Women Voters of Corvallis believes the goal of equity should drive our housing policies in Benton County and Corvallis, by creating housing opportunities which are available to all, regardless of economic status. Inclusion of all people is needed for a vibrant community.

The League of Women Voters of Corvallis believes that city and/or county governments should:

  1.  Promote housing for all by:
    • Making zoning and code changes that allow less expensive housing.
    • Providing succinct and consistent code and efficient staff organization to improve the ease of permitting.
    • Expediting and coordinating development of land use plans.
    • Increasing density.
    • Developing less expensive annexation processes.
    • Providing adequate transit routes.
  2. Aggressively support development of low-income housing by:
    • Securing funds from state and federal sources.
    • Doing parcel assembly and banking of developed lands and dedicating them to lowincome housing.
    • Reducing or eliminating zoning barriers, delays and development costs, such as system development charges, and adding supportive ordinances such as inclusionary zoning.
    • Working closely with community partners.
  3. Support year-round shelter for the homeless by:
    • Partnering with public and private entities.
    • Including shelter funds in their regular budgets.
    • Applying for state and federal funds available for shelters.
    • Exploring development of publicly owned shelters.
    • Siting shelters where their services are needed.
  4. Support non-profit charitable organizations in their efforts to meet housing needs of all and prioritize funding for these organizations.
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