For the upcoming election cycles, League of Women Voters of Oregon plans to host the Oregon Student Mock Election (OSME). LWVOR was out of the mock election picture for several years (the last time we held a mock election before 2022 was 2012) so many schools and teachers are out of the habit of looking forward to holding a mock election for their students. 


We need boots on the ground all around the state to connect with neighborhood middle and/or high school(s) and get contact information for the teachers who might want to participate. This is not a heavy lift, just a few minutes to make a call to their neighborhood school(s), then maybe drop off a flyer (that we will provide), and get a teacher’s name and email address to me.

The threat to our democracy is very real, and unless we get young voters educated and voting in much bigger numbers, it could be lost or damaged beyond recognition. Here is a chance to make an investment in our future. 

If you are able to help push this forward please contact Mimi Alkire, LWVOR OSME Coordinator. Thank you! 

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