7 pm, Wednesday, October 12 – Corvallis-Benton County Public Library

What are your priorities for improving health care in the 2017 legislative session?  Moderator Tim Roach will address this question to candidates for the Oregon Legislature at a forum focused on health-care. The following candidates have agreed to participate:

Senate District 12: Brian Boquist (Republican) and Ross Swartzendruber (Democrat)

House District 15: Andy Olson (Republican) and Cynthia Hyatt (Progressive)

House District 16: Andrew Freborg (Libertarian), Daniel Rayfield (Democrat), Sami Al-AbdRabbuh (Progressive)

House District 23: Garrett Leeds (Libertarian), Mike Nearman (Republican), Alex Polikoff (Green Party), and Jim Thompson (Independent)

You are invited to bring questions.  Spanish translation will be available.

Sponsors of the forum are Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates, Linn-Benton Health Equity Alliance, Health Care for All Oregon – Albany, Physicians for National Health Program.

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