Recently, LWVOR reduced the workload of VS Chair into three positions at the state level: Voters Services Chair, Vote 411 Lead, and Voter’s Guide Lead.  


Two excellent and qualified volunteers have agreed to fill the two off-board positions:

  • the new Vote411 Lead is Abigail Bok and 
  • the new Voter’s Guide Lead is Marianne Germond. 


Take a look at the Voter Services Organization Chart and notice all the people and groups of people involved to get the VS work done. 

An organizational chart describing the League of Women Voters of Oregon's Voter Services roles and relationships.

Voter Services is a statewide effort, and we require a person at the top. 

The Voter Services Chair calls for an individual who is very familiar with LWVs (been a member for at least 2 years), knows the importance of nonpartisanship as a LWVOR Board member and is ready to take a leadership role.  Whomever steps up will not be alone.

Past Voter Services Chair, Peggy Bengry will assure any person that becomes appointed by the LWVOR Board to Voter Services Chair will have full support, hands-on training, and plenty of supporting documentation. 

If you are ready or if you know of a LWV peer who is ready, for an interesting challenge, ready to meet lots of movers and shakers, ready to step up to the plate, then contact the LWVOR Nominating Committee, Betty-Coe De Broekert is the Nominating Committee Chair,  

We have three documents to aide interested parties in learning more about the position:
1. The overall election scheduling: VS Master Schedule 231002
2. The VS Chair position description: VS Pos Desc 231002
3. All other related roles & responsibilities: VS Roles Responsibilities 231002

Good people are wanting you to lead and will help you succeed.

Best Regards,
Susan Cobb, LWVDC
541-400-8312 (questions – feel free to call me)

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